Effective December 31, 2022 the Security Booth at the Entrance of the Community will NOT have security personnel to monitor access.

The Island Green Community will continue to provide Security Services with a roaming patrol car with licensed security personnel from 7PM to 3AM. Security can be contacted using the same phone number 843-650-6297 to provide assistance as needed.

Effective January 1, 2023, the Island Green General Council will be coordinating additional common area maintenance & expenses in addition to providing for security. Streetlights, lawncare at the entrance, security cameras, stormwater committee are some of the additional services which will be provided.

The Island Green Security Council will continue with regular monthly meeting on the second Friday of every month at 11:15 AM at Arms Wide Open Church. Please ensure that your POA provides representation at the monthly meetings.


Island Green Security 843-650-6297





Island Green General Council

Security Meeting 

Friday, March 10, 2023 at 11:15 AM 

at the Arms Wide Open Church


Community Information & Updates • Roads, Drainage, Common Areas & New Development



POAs are asked to have a representative present.

All residents of Island Green are welcome.


Island Green Residents,

Contrary to many false rumors and inaccurate information being relayed around the Island Green community, we wanted to send this email out to clarify with everyone, that the Post Office/PO Boxes located at the Island Green Amenity Center ARE NOT CLOSING. Again, these PO Boxes ARE NOT CLOSING.

We are unsure where these rumors started, but rest assured, these rumors are NOT true.

In fact, we just met with Socastee Post Office Management this morning and went over all aspects of the PO Boxes at the Amenity Center. They too are in agreement and understand that these PO Boxes are NOT closing and agree to continue delivering mail to this location. In fact, they are also in agreement with the continual rentals of new PO Boxes at the Amenity Center as well.

We hope this email will put to rest any uncertainties or misinformation that may be floating around the Island Green comminuty regarding the Amenity Center Post Office/PO Boxes.

Thanks again for helping make our community a great place to call home.

R & B Management Team

Island Green security options and a proposed Community Services Association. See the document labeled "Security Options" to the left. 

A document has been added to the left with information about the removal of the security building and the ongoing future of the security program. 

If you look into the left column, you will see a PDF document named "School Bus & Other Issues". Clicking on it will open the document which includes the letter from Bob Williamsen and an update to the school bus issue from the Horry County Schools Transportation Department.

I received a phone call from Bob Williamsen today requesting that I relay the following updates to the HOA presidents, Island Green General Council and residents of Island Green:
  • Residential Development will be moving forward on the land that was formally Island Green Golf Course – the front 18 holes.
  • The new development partner is D.R. Horton.
  • The first phase of development will be over by Fairwood Lakes and Fairway Village (as may be evidenced by the tree removal which has started)
  • Work on Sunnehanna Road as is required as a condition by the Horry County Planning department will begin sometime in 2022
  • Improvements and amenities associated with the residential development include:
    • A “round about” in the area of what is currently the parking lot of the golf course club house
    • A large fountain (I think in the same general area)
    • Sidewalks along select roads
    • Improved Stormwater Drainage
It was a verbal conversation and I am conveying this information to the best of my recollection. Please forgive me if any of this information is inaccurate.  
I am just a messenger, I am not an advocate nor am I an associate. Please direct any questions or concerns directly with Mr. Williamsen and/or D.R. Horton

The General Council meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 19, 2020 at 11AM at the Amenity Center. 
Please note the meeting is the 3rd Friday and a different time - 11AM due to the operating hours of the Center.
The Council Board has requested that ONLY the HOA president or designated representative attend this meeting due to the CDC recommendations for social distancing.  
The General Council president, Bill Paul, has asked that attendees wear a mask.
Thank you 

Due to the Amenity Center remaining closed in the upcoming week, the General Council Board has canceled the May 8th General Council meeting. 

An updated decision will be made on a week by week basis for any future meetings.  The next meeting is tentatively set for June 12th.

Check back here for updates

April 21, 2020
We, the Board, want to thank all those who responded to our request for a vote on
the revised security contract that would authorize Capt. Mike Sears (only) to be
armed while on duty here in the Island Green Community. The vote was
overwhelmingly in favor of this revision and we will be signing the contract
immediately. Again, thank you for participating and for your various comments.
Board of Directors
Island Green General Council of HOAs

The General Council Board has decided to cancel the April 10th General Council meeting due to health and safety concerns relating to COVID-19 (corona virus). 

A decision will be made at a later date about the May meeting.  Currently set for May 8th.

Once our treasurer and secretary submit their reports to website designer, Bob Worrel, he will post the info to our website which is www.islandgreensecurity.com.

Everyone please stay safe, healthy and practice the social distancing recommended by Gov. McMaster and health care officials. 
As the website designer I just want to add this.
In order for us to get through this dreadful time we need to heed and follow what our State and Federal leaders request of us.
Wash your hands after doing almost anything.
Going to the supermarket will eventually be needed. If so, remember social distancing. Don't go to your favorite market and have to deal with 100 shoppers. Find one that's not as busy. Remember, none of the markets have toilet paper. My wife and I were headed to ours. While on Rt 17 we passed the Garden City Connector and noticed that the Food Lion only had 12 cars in the lot. We went there instead. Half of those cars were the employees. Just a couple of customers.
Even though you need to stay home, you need to get out, go take a walk around the block. See a neighbor, say hi. Remember social distancing!
Yard work and home repairs that you have been putting off is becoming very popular. Any of those will require a trip to a home improvement store. Remember social distancing!
I've heard of neighbors getting together to play cards. Not a good idea. You never know where they have been. Being around a card table is NOT social distancing! So, think twice about that.
So, be safe, be smart, and remember social distancing!
Always wash your hands.
Hopefully we will see you at the May meeting.

The January General Council meeting notes are available for viewing. Swipe over the Reports button, then click on Meeting Reports. Once there, click on the month and year of the meeting report you want to view.

Bob Williamsen attended the March 8th, 2019 meeting. Take a look at the hand out that Mr Williamsen gave out at the meeting. 

It was added to our website Home Page on the left side called "Williamsen meeting 3-8-2019. Just click on it to see the hand out.


Also, take a look at the Meeting Notes that Beth put together. That is located in the Reports Tab, then choose "Meeting Reports".

Then select Mar 2019 to see the meeting notes.

All meeting notes are added each month so you can see what was discussed at the meetings.

Bob Williamsen has advised us that he and Steve Powell will probably attend our meeting on Friday, March 8th.  He has asked for a special meeting of HOA Presidents, but was told that the place and time for this is at our monthly meeting.  He expects to be here around 10:30.  His purpose is to provide an update on his construction plans.  He will be limited to a brief presentation.  I know our people will extend the courtesy to hear what he has to say and not engage in debate or criticism at this time.  Bob Becher.

Countywide Reassessment of Real Properties Underway for 2019 Tax Year


Conway, SC (January 23, 2019)-- A state-mandated, countywide reassessment of all real properties located in Horry County is underway for tax year 2019. A reassessment ensures that property taxes are determined on an updated fair market value of properties. The Horry County Assessor’s Office is in the process of appraising all property values at fair market value as of December 31, 2018. This new value will be used for calculating property tax bills issued by the Horry County Treasurer’s Office during October 2019. The Assessor’s Office is responsible for determining property values, but they do not set tax rates.


Residents may notice staff and vehicles from the Horry County Assessor’s Office in their neighborhoods during the appraisal process. The Horry County Assessor's Office uses a mass appraisal system with data including information such as heated square footage, garages, decks, pools, type and quality of construction, land area, water features, and several other attributes required for the mass appraisal process. Appraisers in the field are working to confirm those data points and make updates as needed. 


In September 2019, a notice of reassessment will be mailed to all property owners in Horry County whose property’s market value increases $1,000 or more as a result of reassessment. Only real property is appraised during a reassessment, which includes land and any improvements on it such as a house, outbuilding, swimming pool, or dock. During a reassessment, the Assessor’s Office will review the market values of all properties in the county. Based on changes in the real estate market, the Assessor’s Office will determine which property values need to be increased or decreased.


The South Carolina Code of Laws requires that once every five years all real property in every county within the State will be reappraised and adjusted to current fair market value as of December 31 of the year prior to implementing the reassessment. Only real property is appraised during a reassessment. Values of personal property, such as cars and boats, are adjusted on an annual basis and kept current through the Horry County Auditor’s Office at the direction of the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The purpose of a reassessment is to equalize the valuations of all real property in a county. The five-year reassessment cycle in South Carolina is an appraisal freeze, only broken on property sale or change to a property.



Kelly Moore | Director of Public Information

Kelly Lee Brosky | Administrative Assistant

Horry County Government

Public Information

Tel 843-915-5390 | Fax 843-915-6390 | 

The General Council has come up with a new agenda format. It is really just a checklist for our meetings every month. If there is an important addition needed to be added to the agenda, such as a guest speaker, that will be noted in the aganda for that month.

You can take a look at it by clicking on the link on the left side of the screen labeled "General Council Meeting Agenda".

I spoke to Beth, our secretary today, about the timely uploading of each monthly meeting report. We agreed to fore go waiting until the next monthly meeting for the meeting notes to be approved before we upload them to the General Council website. So, they will be uploaded as soon as Beth has a chance to transcribe them into a Word document. That is usually just a day or to depending on her schedule. 

The November Meeting report is there now. Take a look.

Bob W.

I added notes from the latest meeting with Bob Williamsen on November 9,2018. He is the owner of the Island Green Golf Course, the Club House and Sunnehanna Drive.

The link to this document is on the left side of this screen, just below the agenda link.

Bob W

The Security Reports section has changed.

The new location is on the "Reports" button. It also has an arrow pointing down on it.

Move your mouse over the "Reports" button and 2 options appear below it.

"Meeting Reports" and "Security Reports"

"Security Reports" are the same as before. All of the Security Reports are still out there.

"Meeting Reports" is a new option. One of our viewers requested that we add the General Council meeting notes to the website so people not in Island Green can see what went on at the monthly meetings. I thought that to be a cool idea and followed through with that request.

So, click on "Meeting Reports" and it will take you there. It will be the same format as the Security Reports, by the month and year.

The first one available was June 2018. Here is how the "Meeting Reports" will work. We had the General Council meeting today, Nov 9th. Beth, our secretary, took notes from the meeting. We cannot publish the notes until they are OK'd by the general public at the next General Council meeting in December. So, because of that delay, we are going to be a month behind. 

Sorry, that's all I can do unless they change the approval process.

I added the securiy report for October.

The Agenda for the November 9th Council meeting. Remember Bob Williamsen will be there to speak to the community.

The Amenity Center calendar is also updated for November.

We'll see you at the General Council meeting. Thanks for your support.

Bob W.

I added the minutes from the meeting Pastor Tommy had on 10/19/18. Please see the link on the left side of this page. 

It is called MEETING PASTOR TOMMY 10-19-18